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Currently I am on H1B visa and I am scientific researcher and ny first 3 years of H1B is going to last in June 2005 and I am planning to get extension of another 3 years of H1B.

I am planning to submit I-140 and I485 concurrently to NSC under outstading researher category (employment based).But my vaccination is still not done, last vaccination is due in Feb 2005.
What is the best option.

First option:
File I-140 and I-485 with partial medical report and during interview I can show the completion of vaccination.

Second option:
File I-140 and submit I-485 in Feb 2005 with receipt of I-140 as a concurrent application with complete medical certificate.

Third option:
File I-140 and I-485 with complete mediacal certification in Feb 2005.

I will highly appreciate yours elaborate answer and concerned points.

Max Peter

The first option is unacceptable. Immigration will send back the paperwork if the complete medical is not done. Option number 2 is ok - but will require them to hook up the files once the I-485 is filed. Option number 3 seems best given that if you are applying for an H-1 extension to cover you in case the I-140 is denied, you are in no rush to get the I-485 filed since you will be in legal status anyway for 3 years. The fourth option, if you are confident the I-140 will get approved, is to forget about the H-1 extension and just file the I-140/I-485/I-765 and I-131 anytime prior to June 2005.



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