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Dear sir/madam,

i have a question here existed for a long time, i came to the US about 8 yrs ago as a student,later i had aplied a green card through my sister about 5 years ago, but i dont know how long i hv to wait for the green card , i have a social security number not valid for employment , i am very frustrated, for not having a work permit, for a long time i.e, 8 years, can u give me some advice on how to get a work permit, or social security card for valid employment? thank u very much

There are a number of things...
- your nationality
- your current status
- age
- your sister's status (Citizen or Permanent resident)
- and the priority date as it relates to the application.

status based on siblings takes a great deal of time.  5 years is not uncommon.  If you came as a student and there was no change in your status, then I can only assume you are out of status which will have a negative impact on your application. Although there was an application filed in your behalf, that does not make you legally in the United States.

you will not get a social security card until you meet the criteria set by Citizenship and Immigration Services.

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