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robert, i have another question if you don't mind, my sisters are both residence (green card) here in US.They are special kids, means abnormal/disabled. We decided to took them back to philippines because of financially problem. Now, they overstayed their for more than 5 years, their green cards now is expiring on dec.2006. we want to bring them back here. Can they come back here w/o any difficulties? Since, they are disabled, would the US embassy give them a consideration and allow them to come back here? what we are going to do before it's too late? pls advice me, thank you.
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I am a greencard holder and married to a person holding a student visa
status. we have 1 child lived together with us here in US. My question is if i
apply for my citizenship, since my husband is a student visa holder and not
longer in school, do you think it is a problem at all?please advice me.
Since he came in legally, if you become a citizen he can get his green card here.



If immigration knows they stayed out for more than a year they will not get back in as green card holders. They can try getting a new passport and travelling back with their green cards and new passports before the cards expire. If they are questioned at the airport they have to say they have only been out a few months.



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