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I can't help notice that you stated "May lose"so the possibility of anyone getting in trouble is slim to none?I guess your answer is not clear enough for me.So my understanding is that if she lied and we didn't is ok? Whats the worst that could happed. My husband wil go in on May 18, 2007 to remove the condition on his permenant card.  ON the other hand his ex- is due for citizenship this year. They had one child (10yrs old) that is back home(Tonga), thats why she will be filing for citizenship, so she can petition for their child to come to the states. So everything looks ok for us or what do you think?

Good Afternoon, My name is Lito and I have a question that I would like you to help me with. My husband was married in our country (Tonga, in the south pacific) in September of '95. They separated in '97 and he relocated here(Northern California).His now ex-wife followed behind him shortly after(She lives in Southern California). Since 1998, he had been trying to get her to sing their divorce papers, but she refused. So it took him over 3 years to complete the divorce,with no help from her. We later found out the she got married in 99' lying that she was never married(and filed for her papers and got it by lieing that she was never married)She said "you have to lie in order to get your papers". My husband and I got married in July 2003 and I then filed for his papers. both on the married certificate and his immigration papers states that he was married before. Now, since his ex-wife found out that he got his papers, she is now harrassing us ,telling us that if we stated that he was married before, he wil be deported when we go in to remove the condition on his permanent card. I don't understand why, we told the truth, and nothing but the truth. Why is she saying that.If anyone lied it was her. She stated that if she gets caught we will all be in trouble.  PLEASE HELP ME.
Answer -
You and your husband have nothing to worry about - His ex wife is the only one that may lose her green cardif they find out about the lie.



Everything is ok for you and him - His ex wife could be denied citiznship and have her green card taken away if you report her. Thye may care - they may not that is why I said may.

Your husband should just file the I-751 at the appropriate time. They may approve it without an interview or may call you guys in- but either way I do not see a problem.



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