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Immigration Issues/husband in mx waiting to for waiver processing


QUESTION: Me and my husband got a lawyer in July of 2004 to help us apply for him a green card.  We were not very happy with our lawyer throughout the whole process.  I was 9 mos pregnant with our 2nd child when they called us in to tell us they forgot to call us to get his interview package together and that he would be leaving in a week.  Due to this I am not very confident that they had time to get all of the info. needed to get him approved.  He went to his interview in CDJ on Sept. 22, 2006 and was denied and had to file a waiver for being here over a year.  A week later I gave birth to our second child.  We were told he would only be eligible if I made 125% above the poverty level.  At the time he had his interview i was making enough, but now I am not employed.  I barely make enough to get us by babysitting and we receive food stamps.  Will they see that I am receiving food stamps and medical insurance for my children and could they deny him due to this.  I seen a psychiatrist to get an eval for his waiver but have not returned due to money issues.  How long is it taking to approve or deny these waivers and what do you think our chances are?  Thank you for your time.

ANSWER: As far as the financial you can use a friend or relative who is a resident or citizen to be a co-sponsor. The waivers take 6-9 months from filing.



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QUESTION: Thank you for your response.  I have asked our lawyer what she thinks his chances are of getting approved and she will not speculate.  He had been here since he was 16 and he turned 22 today.  He had never been deported or had any type of run ins with the law.  He never used fake ids to work, he only worked roofing and was paid cash.  I went to a psychiatrist and she evaluated me and said I am severely depressed.  We sent this info along with the waiver.  What do you think his chances are and is there any way to speed up the process by paying extra or any other way.  On May 29th it will have been 8 mos. since cdj sent off his waiver application and I am getting very impatient.  Thank you for any input you can give.  

If your psychiatrist made a finding of clincial depression that would be good for the case. The possibiltiy of you having to raise 2 children alone and the children not having a father figure at this critical age is also good for the case. Becasue he was not a criminal and just overstayed his time is also a good thing. I think your cahnces are good, but it is hard to evaluate without seeing the paperwork.



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