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Immigration Issues/why does my husband have to travel?


Hi.My name is Jade and I am in a very bad situation here.My husband and I filled out his papers to become legal back in 2005.Now we have a appointment in June for the interview and they say hes got to travel,or in other words go back to Mexico for who knows how long.(my brother-in-law has been there over a year now doing the same thing we are.)So,that leaves me here alone with our 2 children (ages 2 and 7 months)to provide and do everything for with no help.I work 40 hours a week and barley make it as it is and I just dont understand why he has to leave his family.My son is so attached to my husband he cant even use the restroom alone.I dont know what Im going to do.Could you explain to me the reason behind this and tell me is there anything we can do to keep him from traveling please?
         Thank You,
         Jade Robles

Under current laws, a person who entered illegally and without visa can not get their papers here and must go to their home country and apply for a awaiver of the 10 year bar. The only other option is just to hang low and see if the law changes.



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