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My i-485 and i-30 thru marriage is still pending since March 2005 in Miami and I have moved to NY Jan 2006 and changed address by AR11 form but the case has still not been transfered.  I went to USCIS and they said its being reviewed.  Question: you mentioned to someone else to go to their local congressman but I went to and Im stuck about how to approach them.  Or should I re-file all over again in NY as a lawyer has suggested because they say it will only take 5-6 months with them in NY to process.  Or can I pay a lawyer to investigate my case?  Which three should I go for?  thanks

You can refile but you will ahve to pay the fees again and get a new medical. It might be quicker that way but then again if your 1st file is not there when they schedule you for your interview, they may not be willing to approve your case until they see that file. As far as the Congressperson route, you have to find out who your local politcians are and contact their office (not through internet site) and get them interested in your case which is way past normal processing times. Alternatively, you can make infopass appts every 30 days to check on the status of the transfer of the file and call the 800 number to make phone inquires every 30 days.



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