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An aquaintance of mine, Rose, is an illegal immigrant and has found under-the-table work at a local gym. Rose quit after 2.5 weeks of working and not getting paid. The employer has insisted that payment will not be recieved until a work permit is presented.

What are Rose's rights in regards to earning money as an illegal immigrant? It is clear that an illegal immigrant doesn't have the right to work in the US- HOWEVER, if an agreement is made and work is performed, isn't she entitled to reimbursment? What organization can she file a complaint with... she is more concerned that the employer stops taking advantage of foreigners than she is concerned about getting her pay check.

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Because she worked off the books whilst being in the country illegally, her rights to monies rendered for services are null.

If she reports the employer for not paying, she will be detained and deported for illegally being in the country as well as working without a visa or permit. The employer is well aware of this. If she does not mind being deported, she can report him for allowing an illegal alien to work in his establishment.

Just knowing of an illegal alien or just being aware of their situation without reporting it can land in you in deep trouble. Please consider where you stand as well.

She can try the Better Business Bureau at and to report the employer. But be warned, INS will investigate and detain her.

I hope this helps. Feel free to keep me posted or write to my section with more questions.

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