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if there is a minor who is here illegally from another country and she is beatin or receiving abuse at home and her mom isnt stopping the abuser if she calls the cops will they arrest the abuser or just deport all of them and she will be back in her same position but back at home. Will they help?

This depends upon the city.  In most city, the victims will not be arrested and deported.  But the person who is abusing someone will be arrested, charged and deported. The problem with these cases is that the police show up, arrest the guy, and then everyone turns on the police and say the police are too mean, or too tough.  And then everyone withdraws the charges and sometimes the person is released back to the family and just starts beating them again.  If the victims call the police, they have to be ready to accept the consequences. The police are not going to do psycho-therapy. They are going to stop the criminal activity by force if necessary, and then they hand the person over to the prosecutor. If the family refuses to press charges and go to trial against the abuser, then nothing will happen. It is not the job of the police to stop this person from being abusive if the family will not act on their own.  And often there is nothing they can do because of economic circumstances.  Being deported is often the best thing that can happen to them.

There may be options though.  The family should try to talk to an attorney with some experience in these matters. There may be free legal clinic available.

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