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Question -
How I can immigrate/live/work in the US if I'm from Bulgaria (Eastern Europe)?(Soon we will be member of European Union - after 1-2 years, but we will can work in EU 7 years after accepting in it.(Now we can travel without visas in EU member except Great Britain and some other countries(Shengen agreement).
What is necessary to work in US - what kind of visa?
Answer -
You must be sponsored either by a relative or by an employer requiring unique skills not available in the United States.

You may enter as non-immigrant with a visitor visa.

The EU has it's own immigration regulations between member countries.  Unfortunately, the US does not recognize your immigration policies which are specific to the EU.
1.What can be unique skills?

2.Many people from my country goes to US to work without any special skills.Is it possible the employer to file for unique skills, and then to work usual job?

3.Can I officially work in US with visitor visa?What is the shortening and number for visitor visa?(V1, S1, ...)

What is necessary for visa, which allow me to work - only unique skills, required from an employer?

Working in the US with a non-immigrant visa, such as a Visitor, will get you deported.  you CANNOT work in the US unless you have specific authorization to do so.

Unique skills- Doctors, nurses, scientists, etc.

If you can find an employer to sponsor you, fine.  But the employer will be investigated if the job he is offering you is one that no American is able to do.  If you do get a visa based on this type of petition, you cannot quit and go elsewhere once you get to the US.  If you leave the job, your visa will be cancelled and you will be removed from the US.  This type of fraud goes on all the time and eventually the people are caught.

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