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hello david
i am now clutching at straws to help my daughter and her boyfriendand dont know if you can advise me.i dont know how much difference there is between your immigration laws and ours in the uk, but here daughter is english and her boyfriend is from the cameroon. he came to the uk with all the correct documents, but the visa ran out before he could find work for what he is qualified to do, he is a child phycologist and i have seen all his credentials so i know its true. unable to find work in this area he took on work in another line to get an income.he sent his passport back to the cameroon so his brother(who looks like him)could get another visa , but the passport was confiscated at the embassy. all he wants to do is his work and live with my daughter and he is good for my daughter too.i know he hates drugs but he likes a beer which can only be good for my daughter as she is the other way round. they have a house together and are very in love .as you can see i am not prejudice in the least and he is such a nice calls me by my first name , writes all the mothers day cards , xmas cards , birthday cards with words that have never been said to my wife and i before from anyone , not even our other daughters.i have even gone as far as trying to get him a fraudlent passport but got ripped of for 300 and thats a lot for a scotsman to lose .he just wants to do what he has been taught to do and live with my daughter david and im happy if that can daughter and i would be very grateful if there is any way you could advise us in which way to turn or indeed look into this problem.
alex cameron  

United States immigration law is a bit different.  The boyfriend would not have been permitted into the US without having the job first.  We do not allow aliens in the country to 'shop' for a job.

You try a paint a 'saintly' picture of this individual, but not only would his passport been confiscated, he would be arrested and deported from the US for FRAUD.  This individual has no integrity and quite frankly, I would not permit him to see my daughter. 300 pounds should be a lesson learned...this individual is setting you and your daughter up for hard fall.

Alex, do yourself a favor and get him out of your family now before it is to late.

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