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QUESTION: I am a US citizen, and my boyfriend is currently an F1 visa student.  He is a doctor from Saudi Arabia studying in US to get his American Medical License. He needs  another visa (J1) to work in his residency (which has the 2yr live in Saudi Arabia requirement, which we want to avoid).    We want to get married, and for him to get a green card.  What is the best/fastest way to do this with the least requirements?  I understand that if we got married in the us, it would take 2 years for him to receive a green card, but then how would he work?  I understand if we got married outside the us, it would only take a month or so to get his green card.   Is this true?  What do you recommend?

ANSWER: Gabriele,
Once married you need to file for an adjustment of status for your husband to obtain his green card. He should also apply for his employment authorization simultaneously. It would not take two years for him to receive it.  

Mark Ashley

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QUESTION: What is a ball-park time it would take to receive his greencard.  How long will
it take for his employment autorization to be approved, so he can work.  He
has one more exam to take in order to pass his step 2 usmle to get his
american license to practice, this will take max 2 months.  He needs to start
his residency after that, will he be able to?

Thank you for your time and advice,

Once you file the I485 and an I765 it will take about three months for him to receive his EAD card.  It could take longer because of a security check.  The green card should take six to eight months depending on your district office.
Mark Ashley

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