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My wife is an american citizen and I am applying for adjustmant of status through marriage. My friend is my co sponsor since my wife is still in graduate school. My friend has been wondering if he will have to do taxes any different. If he is sponsoring me does he put me down as his dependant and do I file for taxes at all then?
Is there anything else that sponsor will be effected by (other than paying for welfare etc if I use it)

Thank you very much for any input.

For your case, he has to provide Immigration with an I-864 form and give his last 3 years taxes with job letter. He does not list you on his return. Your wife must also fill out the I864 even if she does not make income. If you make money you should report taxes and bring a job letter to your interview. He is only required to reimburse welfare for 10 years if you get money from them.



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