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Dear David,
    My name is Etsay. I came to US with a student visa, i worked one year with practical training work permity after college. while i was working i married to an american girl and applied for green card. the relationsip didn't work out and she was very abusive that we had to separate. they denied that application but consequently i applied for VAWA and divorced her afterwards.They send me a respond that they have received my new application and that they are processing it and they also renewed my work permit that i am working through that until today. so i have a pending VAWA application but since then i found a new love and i have a baby with my girlfriend whom i reside with. we are so much in love and we want to get married. i know if you get married before the application is approved they will deny your application but what i don't know is if it is possible to send a new application through marriage and withdraw the VAWA . so is it possible to do that since i am still here legally? afterall, we just want to raise our baby together and live as a  happy family.
    Thank you very much for your wonderful advise in advance!

Well, from what I read in your statement, you are committing fraud.  The VAWA is for people who are victims of spousal abuse.  In your case, you have already left the marriage and encountered a new one.  From the face of it, you are making every attempt to remain in the US and using systems designed for real victims as your avenue of doing it.  There are proper methods to immigrate to the US...

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