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Question -
I was arrested trying to cross the border with someone else's documents. I am now married to a US citizen and was wondering if I would be eligible to apply for residence?. How can I get the records that immigration has on me to see if I am eligible?
Please advise as to what my best options are.
Thank you in advance for your response.

Answer -
After you were caught impersonating another person, what happened?  You failed to mention that part.  Also when you made this presentation, did you claim to be a permanent resident or a US citizen?

I was detained and "voluntarily" sent back to Mexico. I did not claim to be either citizen or resident. They did not ask me. They just questioned me about who I was and they found out that I  was not the one in the papers (i never saw the paper used). How can I find out how it was recorded in the immigration records? Please advise and Thanks for your prompt response.

You can file a FOIA  Freedom of Information Act request.  However, I am surprised you weren't 'excluded' at the port of entry.  An exclusion is the same as deportation, the only difference an exclusion is at the border.  However, you are vague with where this occurred...was it at a port of entry or by the Border Patrol?  If it was border patrol then it was likely and I-826 voluntary departure, which does not have the ramifications of a deportation.

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