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hello mr hollander
My case is a little bit complicated, I came to the us with my b1/b2 visa and got married in Florida with an us citizen.
Then after that we hired a lawyer later we realized that he was a fraud.
Time passed and well now we have been married 1 year 4 months! I still have my i-94 that expired 1 year ago.
After all the money and time  that we spend we can’t  afford to do all the process of hiring another  lawyer
Right now  
My questions are  
1: what should we do  should we wait more time to save money and hire a lawyer or do the paper work our self

2: and if we do it our self’s how hard it would be to get my green card and how long could it take?

3: do I have to go back to México to apply for my green card because i dint returned my 1-94?

4: should we be worry if they could deport me before we have the chance to fill the paper work?

thank you so much for you time  

The Immigration filing fees are set to approximately double in June. You can file before then with a lawyer or you can wait and file after but the filing fees will be much more.

I can not decide for you if it is better to have a lawyer. I can do these forms in my sleep so for me they are easy but if you are nto used to them, you may not find them so easy.

You do not have to go back to Mexico and in fact if you leave you will be barred from coming back for 10 years. I do not htnk they are looking for you if you do not have any criminal convictions.



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