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received a letter from INS, asking to provide more evidence for 1-485 APPLICATION/based on multinational executive/manager (1-140)
pl. need clarification and whats the right answer we write to INS-------there are 3-questions asked by INS
Q-1)submit letters of employment attesting to the principal,s current employment/letter should be on the company,s letterhead
pl. tell---it should be written from parant/foreigh company by the employer or from the
Q-2)submit income tax return with all w-2s
the applicant recently started his job with us.comany in feb-2005 ((7-months ago)/therfore no income tax return filed so far/will be due after 12/31/2005.
pl. tell what is the right answer to reply to INS
in short way.
Q-3)or submit other evidence as approprite.
pl. tell---what is the right answer or what another they need or its meaning.
thanks/pl. reply para wise ,enabling to reply to INS in a right way.thanks  

Question 1 obviously is based on question 2.  You are employed by the sponsoring company, submit the information as requested.
Q2 If you have no tax return, so state it.  You may be required to produce pay statements indicating income tax was deducted from your salary.
Q3 pertinent information relating to your employment.

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