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Hi, (you have recently answerd another question for me, thank you very much!)

I am applying for adjustmant of status due to the marriage to an amercian citizen. I am a bit confused about all the paperwork I have to file.

1.Do I need to send in I-130 and waite for approval to apply for I-485, or can I send them both in at once.
2.Could a copy of my passport be used instead of the birth certificate for I-485. Not sure how to get one without actually going home.
3. Medical examination for I485, it says when required submit a medical examination report. Does this mean they will let me know when to submit it at the later date or do I have to submit it now?

Thank you very much for your help

The I-130 can be filed with I-485 packet. THe passport will not suffice - you need a copy of your birth certificate which can be faxed to you - you will need the original for the interview. You can bring the medical to the interview.



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