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Hi Robert, thanks for your help...
--The petition was filed on July 2000.
--She is immigrating from El Salvador.

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I petitioned my sister for legal US residence and the request has been approved since Jan 2001.  She is now in line to get her visa for travel.  Eversince then she had a son, now 5, out of wedlock. to which she has full custody of.  So here's the question:  Do we wait to her visa becomes available to request a visa for her son, who is a minor....or
2) Do we alert the INS of the sons existance now and apply for a visa for him now to travel with her when she moves to the States?

Please advice.
You alert the NVC when they send the next packet of papers. When was the petition filed? What country is she from? They are currently processing visas in that category for people that filed in 1995.



The NVC will send the next packat of paper sin about 5 years. You can send a copy of the approval with a copy of the child's birth certificate to the NVC now and then remind them when they send the next packet of paper sin about 5 years. They will get immigrant visas together.



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