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hi david..recently, my girlfriend and i met someone online; she lives in england. we have done some talking, and now she wants to come to our country and wants to stay from 6-12 months. so, we have talked more to her about it; she agrees to take care of the house while we are at work, in exchange for room and board. there is no money involved with this.  she is a citizen of the u.k., and has a russian passport. now, she is in the process of getting a visa in england.  so, with those things in mind, are there anythings my girlfriend and i could or should do to be sure that when she arrives, her entry is legal and her ability to stay 6-12 months is also legal. i have never done this before, and of course want to avoid mistakes. thank you!!  

She can enter into the US for up to 6 months as visitor.  She can NOT be used as a house maid as room and board IS a form of payment.  Keep in mind, she must be able to prove she has the funds to support her self in the US, a round trip ticket, and has no intention of abandoning her foreign residence.  If you do sponsor her, you will be liable.  What you are describing is a scam (by foreign nationals) to gain entrance into the US then disappearing once they get here.

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