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I have known him since my freshman year, so it has been three years.
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I met my boyfriend at school, he is here on a student visa for the last couple of years from Nigeria. It is time for graduation and we want to get married,i am a citizen, he isnt and i know it is a lot of loopholes to go through. Vut my question is how do i go about marrying a noncitizen? i really dont know the technicalities because i was born here. Thanks!
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How long have you known him?  

Since I do not know your boyfriend, this is not an indictment of him, HOWEVER.  It is my experieince of 29 years enforcing immigration law, Nigerians are notorious for fraud.  One of the popular fraud schemes is marriage fraud.  They entice an American citizen to marry them, particularly near the end of their visa status.  The American will then petition for the Nigerian spouse.
After a period of two years or so, they obtain their permanent resident status...then file for divorce.
I have heard plenty of the heartbreak stories.

That being said, their are no special requirements to marry anyone except for state laws.  Now, once you do marry your boyfriend, you need to go to the CIS office near you (Immigration) and obtain various applications and forms to petition for your husband.  They will walk you through it.
I am assuming your boyfriend's visa hasn't expired, and has not violated his terms of admission like not working.  If his visa has been violated, he could have some problems that need to be cleared up.
Final word of advice...DO NOT in any way, lie or fail to provide factual information on the application forms.  They will be rejected immediately and subject the boyfriend to removal...even if you are married.  

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