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hello i have petitioned for my wife in india.i am an us citizen. i applied(form I130) last month{october). she has informed me she is 1 month pregnant.i understand the petition process can take anywhere from 6 to 9 months. i want my future child to be born in the u.s.,but if she were to be accepted and recieve her visa during or after her last tri-mester of pregnancy (months 7,8,9)then it would be a risk for her to fly here, a risk we both would not want to take.i want her to be able to come to the u.s. before her third semester. is there anyway i can expedite the process.and if the child for some reason ends up being born in india do i have to apply again, and if so how long would the process take then.i will appreciate a quick reply, thank you.

Even if your child is born in India, he is a U.S. citizen at birth since you are a citizen. There is no way to expedite the process. You would not apply for him after the birth because he is a citizen. You would go to the U.S. Embassy in India and make a report of a U.S. Citizen born abroad and apply for his U.S. passport.



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