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I am very impressed with your volunteer work associated with this site.  

We are US citizens and want to help someone from a 3rd world country.  My wife escaped from Vietnam after the the war, came here as a refugee, and has lived here since (went to college and became an engineer, etc).  Many dedicated volunteers like yourself have helped make her an immigration success story.

Our kids are now starting to go to college, and we want to start helping others.  We just visited Vietnam and while we were there we met some people that we would like to invite to the US.  Both are tourism workers (college degrees), single and in their 20s.

Our general goal is too make their lives better.  If we could invite them over forever, or just for a few months to teach them english (they could get better jobs on their return) that would be ok. I started investigating various visas.  Immigration looks impossible without family sponsorship so I gave up on that.  This confuses me as I heard that we are currently having the biggest wave of immigration in this countries history.  But ok, I think I could get a local businessman to sponsor H2B visa (we live in a tourist area where there is always a shortage of workers) or possibly just a tourist visa.  

We are willing to provide room, board, and transportation in/out of the country as well as general assistance.  While reading US government web sites it sounds like the major issue is the visa interview.  The visa applicant needs to prove strong "economic and social ties" to their homeland.  This sounds near impossible.  These people are too poor to have significant economic ties (and if they weren't poor, I wouldn't be so inclined to get deeply involved), and by luck of the draw, the people we chose to help are single and are working far from their families (and sending any extra money they don't absolutely need back to their families in the rural areas).

I'd hate too spend a large sum of $$ on a lawyer, I feel that everyone (except the lawyer) would be better off if we just gave the $$ to these people and forgot the visa if it came to that.

Is this a futile effort?  Someone suggested that we should get student visas for these people.  However, wouldn't the same "economic and social ties" rule apply also.  Should we give up on these two, and choose someone with better qualifications?  And, if so, what qualifications should we look for?  Any insights would be greatly appreciated.

I would suggest the B2 Visitor's visa as a first step.  To substantiate ties with Viet Nam, records such as mortgage, utilities, church, family ties, anything of that type would be acceptable.  I do know they are quite poor and may not have the records required.  You need to understand the position of the government, no matter how well meaning people may be, the 'system is taken advantage of hence the stingent requirements.

When you friends go to the US Emabassey to apply for the visa, they are given an opportunity to address any concerns the counsular officer may have.

Regarding the H visas, the H2Bs are limited in number and used primarily for seasonal workers in the US with some skill.  H1 are for professional, technical people.  They must be sponsored by an employer, in advance, so this is hurdle that must be overcome by your friends.

Good luck with your endeavors.

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