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QUESTION: Hi Mr. Hollander,

I am on a F1 student visa and I don't have permission to work.

When I was still in Germany I made money online from affiliate commissions. For example from when someone bought a book from amazon through a link on my website. I then received a commission.

I want to continue doing that. Now that I live here for the time studying, is that considered "working in the US" and therefore illegal or is making money online (= can be done from anywhere in the world and I would do so if I was in Germany right now) ok?

Thank you for enlightening me on this issue.

Christine Jandke

ANSWER: Is the entity you get paid from a U.S. entity?



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QUESTION: Yes, they are. Examples are,,

Sometimes they offter to pay into my Paypal account which is connected to my German bank account.  

It is the kind of thing that if Immigration knew about it they may not be happy, but it is not likely to be discovered or pose a problem as long as you maintain your student status.

After 1 year of full time student status, you can apply for work permission.



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