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Hi there,
I entered the US as an F1.  My wife filed the green card through employment(got approved), at the time she filed her case, we got maaried and she also filed me as a spouse for i485.  My problem is, we only have Marriage Permit (not marriage license)filed to INS.  We never have a ceremony and send it back to the CA state.  The permit ahs already expired.  At this point, my case is pending for the $1000 penalty fee (legal status).  The INS have never asked for the marriage prove yet.  Will INS deny my case if find out? Will they considered as fraud marriage?.  Will they revolk my wife green card?  Althought we have been living together for 9 years, we never filed a jointed income tax or bank account.  I 'm about to drop my case.  If I insist filing the case and got denied, Can we appeal my case thought court to prove our marriage?

Thank you very much

Josh, your information here is a bit confusing.

When did you enter the US as an F-1 and have you remained in status?
Your 'wife' "filed the green card through employment"...have no idea what you are trying to state.
Are you or are you not legally married?  What is her status? Is she a permanent resident based through her employment?  how long?  
If you were married, where and by whom?  
What was denied?

Sit down and cognitively write your questions out in a manner that can be understood.  Very convoluted.

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