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Thank you very much for your quick reply.I have not any criminal records and i had submitted my police clearance certificates to them. I had been to UK for one and half year for my master degree in IT and submitted police clearance of UK too.I had not any criminal records in my past and i never been to US before then how i can be in their criminal record database.Is that possible that they had make any misundestanding or mistake with my finger prints?-------------------------
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Respected Sir,
Myself Bhavin patel residind in India had applied for CR-1 (spouse visa) and interviewed last week but I got refusal letter indicating that I have to take fingerprints again and i had done that next day. and they told me that they will contact me.but I am confused bcoz i had never heard this type of refusal. So i want to ask you that is there any problem with my immigration to US? will i get Visa? and approximately How much time they will take for checking my fingerprints? I am much confused about this so please provide me some guidance about this matter.
Thank you.
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The most common reason for a refusal such as yours is due to finger prints being taken incorrectly.  If your fingerprints cannot be read due to smudges, partial prints, too much ink or not enough, they will be refused. You will not be admitted into the United States until your fingerprints can be cataloged and checked against our criminal database.

The point of taking finger prints is to MAKE SURE you DO NOT HAVE A CRIMINAL RECORD IN THE UNITED STATES.  If you have never been to the US, then you are NOT going to have a criminal record here.  The US Consulate Office will advised you do not have a criminal record at which time you should be GRANTED your visa.

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