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My fiance and i are traveling to jamaica on
7-24-2006, our travel agent has assured us that he can go to jamaica and come back to the U.S. with a valid greencard and photo ID.  We found out that his travel document or travel passport expires on 7-24-06.  someone told me that i was misinformed by my travel agent and that he does need the travel passport or he can not go and come back.  the jamaican embassy said that it is not ok foe him to go without a travel document and he can not go, the US home land security, INS, and Air Jamaica said that just a greencard and id is ok and he can go and come back.  who should i believe and if he can not go with just a greencard and id what should i do.  neither of us have a visa, i am a citizen and have a valid passport and he has a valid greencard and  travel passport that will expire on the day we leave.  the jamaican consul is closed until
7-22-2006, we are getting married on the 23rd and leaving on the 24th, does he need it and what should i do if he needs the travel passport and visa.  

He needs a passport to come back for sure. Whether he needs one to go depends ont he laws of Jamaica. They may let him travel there and renew his passport there while he is there. Otherwise, go ont he 22nd to the Consulate and see if they will put an extension stamp in his passport.



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