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"hello sir, i am parry
i just arrived in usa from indai on k-1 visa, but my fiance who brought
me here dint get marry to me, but luckily i met another girl here and
we got married . but the thing is that i dont want to go back by leaving
her alone andone more thing
one of my good friend needa an chef who is i am and he also wnats me in
his restorant and dont want me to go, so could you please tell me if he
can sponser me and i dont have to go back and get the green card on his

plase reply me soon, i shall be very thankful to you.

You entered the United States sepcifically to marry your petitioner.  Now that you have married another you are in violation of your status and are deportable.  You should return to India and have your new spouse petition for you as an immediate relative.  It is a far better alternative for you than to remain in the US and be caught my Immigration authorities.  The ramification of being our of status, which you are, results in deportation.  After which you are banned from returning to the United States...even if you are married to a US Citizen.  Go back home and have your spouse petition for you.  Your life and that of your spouse will be far less complicated.

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