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I am a Canadian and my fiance is an American. At the end of this month we will be sending out the I129 petition for a K1 visa. From what we can find on-line the petition may take 6-9 months before it is processed and then approved and sent to the embassy in Canada.  We are wondering if during this time of waiting and applying for the K1 Visa whether I can go to the US to visit him.  How long could this whole procedure to attain the Visa take...approximately?

Yes you can visit, but do not violate the terms of your admission.  Once the K1 is approved you will have 90 days to marry.  During this time your husband will file an i-130 petition for an immediate relative.  This takes a bit of time.  You willbe permitted to remain in the US, but will eventualy need to return to Canada to retrieve the conditional residency visa when it is available.  After you receive it you will be in a conditional status.  As long as the marriage is valid, 90 days prior to expiration, you will need to file to remove the conditional status which will lead to permanent residency.

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