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hi i am parry here.

sir i want to ask you something regarding immigration law, like i
applied for k-1 visa for usa from india and i got my visa and came to usa
last month, but after coming here i get know about that my girlfriend
refused to merry me .

than after two weeks i met a girl she is very nice we love each other.
so we got mariied last week. but i dont know what will be the next
process, like should i have to go back india or we can continue my
greencard process from here in usa, my wife dont want to let me go back india.

could you please let me what can be the next step to go for immigration
i shall be very thankfull to you, hope to get your reply soon, thanks  

Unfortunately you entered the US with a K-1 Fiance Visa for a specific person.  You must marry the person this relates to within 90 days...since this is not the case.  You must return to India or a foreign country you have residence with an apply again.  Remaining in the US with your current visa is a violation of status and subjects you to deportation.

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