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hi mister alexander i dont know if you are the right guy.but the question is:i was in u.s.a for few years and i was involved in one crime,bank fraud,and they deported me in can i find out about my situation or i wanna go back so bad to usa,who i have to ask for forgive,i do anything to go back,i paid for what ive done,can you indicate somebody who can help me?i have three brothers overthere,my birth is:22-08-1967,will robson de almeida conrado im from brasil,i was in boston,and,i was arrested july98 and deported february 99.thanks.will

Well first of all, if you want to find out what your status is, there are some documents that need to be filed called Freedom of Information Requests that often result in information being provided.

As to your status, this is not an issue of forgiveness.  it is simply an issue of practicality.  There is no question that you would do anything to come here.  The problem has nothing to do with your motivation.  The problem is your means, and qualifications, of which you gave me no information.

First of all, your brothers can file for you.  I hope they did already.  But the wait is long.  Often this long wait discourages people from even filing.  This is a very stupid mistake since I have had many people come back to me after 10 years and ask if there is anything they can do.  I tell them that if they had filed the petition 10 years ago, their relative would be here.

That is one option.

The next is marriage to a US citizen.  This is the easiest in regards to paperwork, but the most difficult since it is not easy to married.

Finally, do you have any offers of employment, and do you have a college degree?  You may be able to qualify for a visa there.

The arrest a strike against you that may result in your being denied for any visa you apply for.  But first you try to find a visa that you apply for.  And unfortunately, wanting something very badly without thinking through your options does not help very much.

Good luck and feel free to contact me if you need further assistance.

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