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I'm wondering if... if China can't identify my girlfriend's identity as a former Chinese citizen, therefore cannot accept her return, what will US do?  Will there be any chance that I can bail her out and marry her in US?

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I would like to know once a person is deported out of US for overstayed a visa (no criminal history), will the case considered closed?  When the person enters US again holding a K-1 visa with name changed on the traveling documents, will there be any troubles at the airport's immigration custom?  My girlfriend is still inside US's Detention Center waiting for a deportation date.  Do you know how long does it take for US to verify identify with my girlfriends' China embassy?  Will there be any chances that China doesn't accept my girlfriend's return?  In that case, what will US do?
Once deported from the US, at a minimum she must remain outside the US for 5 years, and that is with permission to re-enter which is requested on form I-212.  There must be extenuating circumstances for approval...girlfriend is not one of them, wife is.  She will have a record both in the US criminal data base and with the US Consulates.  If by some chance she gets in without permission (I-212) due to a name change, she has committed a felony punishable by several years in a US prison...and then deported again with a permanent ban to the US.  Don't risk it.  File for permission to re-enter.
The US has an agreement with China so she will be accepted back.

Now you have me perplexed...where is her passport? If she does not have one, ICE (DRO Detention and Removal Office) will obtain a travel document from the Chinese embassey.

Has she been to her Deportation Hearing?  If she has been ordered deported already, no, she is no eligible for a bond.  If she has not, then there should be a bond if she has not shown herself a flight risk or has not been involved in any criminal conduct.

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