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I applied in 1997 for work permit and for the resedency.  I have my work permit.  I went on two interviews in 1999 and 2003 for the resedency.  I was advised that I was approved on the first interview, however I was never given any confermation for that.  I had to start from the start all over when I finally brought it to there attention.  All my information like fingerprints and exams etc, were to old so I had to go through that process again.  In 2003 my second interview I was denied for not taking tax returns for the past three years.  I sent an appeal along with the fee and the forms that they need by the deadline that they provided.  That was in 12/2003.  Now I am trying to keep up with my papers so I have sent letters requesting the statues and I havet gotten anything.  I have gotten several info passes and this last time they told me that they didnt have the papers that I had to mail.  I provided everything from the copy of the money order I sent along with all the forms that I sent with it.  They advised me to wait and that they would mail me something.  How long should I wait for me to try to go in again or is there anything else that I can do?   Please Help

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You can make a request under the Freedom of Information act for a copy of your file.  You can retain an attorney to file a Mandamus Action in US Federal District Court for the court to order USCIS to adjuduciate the case.  You can wait.

Those are your options.

How do I shop for a good lawyer, what are the questions that I need to ask so I can know that they actualy work for me and help.  

Well, that's tough to say since so much depends on what you end up doing.  A mandamus action will likely get quite expensive and most immigration attorneys would not know where to start.  Membership in the American Immigration Lawyer's Association is a good start.  You need a complete file so that an attorney can look it over and see where you stand.  You tried to do this twice on your own and apparently got the case denied both times for relatively minor errors.  

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