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Immigration Issues/i'm married to a us citizen but i was deported


I am 23 years old and been married close to 4 years. I applied for legalization to be in the US. I received a working permit and applied for US recidency. I got denied because back in 1996 my mother had an order of deportation, which I wasn't aware of at the time of my application. She was pettitioned by my father, a US resident, but unfortinatly passed away before he could fix my mother's papers. When I was told by immigration offices, they gave me one month to do whatever possible to fix this problem. I talked to my so called lawyer, all he did was send some letter which cost about $150, but I never got a response. Two years past without a response until they came early in the morning and took us back to Mexico. Is there some sort of apeal or permission to reapply without waiting the 5 yrs.

Are you in Mexico or here now? You have the deport issue and are subject to a 10 year bar if you were in the United States illegally for more than a year afte 4/97 and left - even if forced out.

To challenge the deport you would ave to make a motion to reopen the deportation case which would need the consent of the government attorney. The only other way id to file form I-212. The other pardon you would need for the illegal presence, you would have to apply for when you go for your immigrant visa interview.



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