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I hope to travel to Spain soon and marry my fiance,who is a professional athlete (soccer) and a Nigerian citizen.Is it wise to proceed with the marraige first,or visit then apply for a fiance visa instead?

He has not lived in the same place for more than a year at a time,due to the demands of his career.This will make gathering information from each place he has resided very difficult,if not impossible.All but one of his team assignments have been in various African countries except for 2004 when he played in Dubai,UAE,and this year when he will play in Spain.

Also, will a K3 visa be a simpler process initially?

Case specific advice about what is best for your particular situation is beyond what I can accomplish on a message board since it requires detailed information.  

The whole situation makes me wonder how he will stay in the US long enough to get and maintain a green card.

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