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Hi, Im ana, I'm from argentina, i use to work in press in argentina, and i have to go from there about 2 years ago, when i came here i ask a political asylum, i'm in court now. For other side, my boyfriend for 1 year and a half is an american citizen, and we married two weeks ago. I enter to the USA with my visa b1-b2, now we are filling the aplications, al the packagge i485, i130, etc.. on august 22 I have mi hearing on the court and i dont think the receipts are gona be here by that time, i should show to the judge the copies of all the papers and the probe that i sended? he cant come with me for his job, there is any problem? i should resign the asylum? we are gona move to orlando in two months, we have to say that, and change the adress? please, we need some advice, because we cant afford a lawyer, our marriage is really, but all the paper have me scarred... thank you in advance... Ana y Osvaldo

Go to the Court and advise them you are married to a citizen and ask for an adjournment of your hearing to allow the Trial Attorney to adjudicate the I-130 petition. If you filed with the Chicago Lockbox and not the Trial Attorney you made a mistake, but you can provide the Trial Attorney with a duplicate original of the I-130 filing. Then ask the Court for a change of venue to Florida and you should get a marriage interview and Court date in Florida. Once your I-130 is approved, the Judge can approve the I-485. Do not withdraw the asylum until after the marraige case is approved.



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