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thanks for that great answer, wont the immigration try to deport me if i write a letter to close the old case?

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Question -
im married to a us citizen , she started seeing someone else a few
months after we got married, i then started seeing someone else too, I got
the other girl pregnant and want to marry her,all the papers are filed,
got work authorization, what can i do to fix my situation with the ins,
i want to divorce my first wife and marry my girlfriend , is this
possible,. any help would be appreciated

Answer -
Get divorced, get married to your girlfriend and file papers through her. When you get an interview date on the old case, write a letter to close out the case.



They are just as likely to send your file to the deportation unit for scheuling of a removal hearing if you do not write a letter and just do not show up. If they send you to a judge and you are married you will have the opportunity to prove the bona fides of both cases and get your green card. They can not just deport you without a hearing.



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