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Immigration Issues/marriage to naturalized citizen with a B1/B2 visa


QUESTION: Hi, wanted to know what steps to take if im a naturalized us citizen and i married my fiancee who has a B1/B2 visa and is here on the U.S, she already returned her I-94. We also have a child together and is 4 months old and was born in the U.S. I want to know which papers to file for her so she can get her green card. and can she stay here with me while i submit all papers? Thank u
ANSWER: File I-130/I-485/I-765 package with supporting documents. Let me know if you would like a good lawyer to represent you!



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QUESTION: In regards to your answer robert. would it be ok for my wife to continue living here in the u.s while i send all forms, she does not have an I-94 she returned it.  

She needs to show proof of her legal entry. If she does not have her I-94, I hope she either has a copy of it or a entry stamp in her passport. Once you file not only can she stay but she can not leave without permission until she gets her residence.



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