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my girlfriend lives in the philippines and i live in hawaii. i am a u.s. citizen. we want to be married in her country and then come to hawaii to live.her family insist we are married in their country. its fine with me. what forms do i need to file to be able to do this? any help you can give me would be greatly needed.  thank you for your time......lance whisler

As far as Filipino law on how to get married I have no idea. As far as U.S. Immigration Law your wife has 2 options, once you get married. You come back and apply for an Immigrant petition for her and wait the 9-12 months that it takes for her to get an interview at the Embassy for her green card. The second option is to file for a K-3 visa which will get her here in 4-6 months but will take another year after to get the green card.



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