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My daughter is getting married this week.  She is a US Citizen but is getting married to a guy that came in illegally.  She is pregnant and due in February.  Can he apply to become a citizen if he is here illegally?  Is there anything he can do to keep from getting deported now that he is here?

He must become a permanent resident first.

Your daughter will need to file an immediate relative petition on his behalf to start the process, provided he does NOT have a criminal record. With the paperwork, he will need to submit a change of status...I-485.  he will likely be placed under proceedings (immigration hearing), however it will be postponed indefinately.  If all goes well, he will be provided a conditional permanent resident card valid for two years.  As long as the marriage holds up during this time frame, he shouldn't have a problem.
If he is involved in ANY type of domestic violence or criminal activity, he's gone....married to a US Citizen or not.  Go to your local CIS office for assistance and applications.

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