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David, I have never visited your category, much less seen your name and profile before, nevermind even asking you a question, I'm rather puzzled as to why you answered: "I have already answered this question for you once before."
I copied my question again...I suppose this is a misunderstanding, or maybe some other reason? I don't know...
I just really would like an answer to this question:

I'm writing a sci-fi novel. Two of my characters work for the US
Immigration and Customs Enforcement, specifically with the Office of
Investigations (or possible Office of Intelligence...)
Would you happen to know if either of these offices have agents that
work undercover, i.e. wear regular clothing, though probably carrying
concealed firearms too? I've done a little searching on the web so far,
and mostly note that ICE agents tend to be clothed in uniforms,
police-like uniforms...that's why I'm wondering here...
Thank you for any help you can give :-)

I find it remarkable that there are two of you asking identical questions, the previous one was answered 12/31/06.
However, I will provide the same answer -
My agents work in plainclothes and at times undercover depending on the case and type of action that needs to be taken.  They do have a variety of weapons and are armed at all times, unless the situation dictates otherwise.
Uniforms are those who work with DRO (Detention and Removal Officers or Border Patrol).  Special Agents do have tactical uniforms, again depending on the situation, usually high risk warrants or other high risk criminal activity.

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