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my husband is a UK citizen with an US green card.  We were married in the US and currently reside in the US.  However, we are thinking of moving to the UK for an indefinite period of time.  All the info. I can find is on engaged people getting married in the UK.  What process must I take to legally enter and reside in the UK considering my husband (we are married for 1.5 yrs.)is a citizen there.  Also..will this affect his green card process IF in a few years we would decide to move back to the US??  Thanks

If you leave for more than a year without returning, he needs to file for a renety permit before he goes that will allow him to stay out for 2 years. If he has a 2 year card, he must file the I-751 on time. Any trip over 6 months or aggregate trips over 1 1/2 year in the last 3 years before he files and/or is interviewed for citizenship will jeopardize his ability to become a citizen until he comes back and meets those requirements. I do not know about Britich Immigration.



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