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My wife immigrated to the US from Russia in 2000 on a Fiancee Visa. She is now a Permanent Resident. Her mother visited us in 2002 for one month on a Tourist Visa.

My wife has been a full-time high school teacher for the past 2 years and her position has now been made permanent by the school district. We are expecting a baby this summer and her mother has offered to come stay with us for an extended period to assist with the baby's care. My mother-in-law  is married and has a son, daught-in-law and grandson living in Russia so she can show ties to Russia. An affidavit of support will not be a problem.

Ideally we would like to get her a 2-year multi-entry visa. We would like her to stay for one year at first. Would this be a difficult visa to get?

My wife should be able to become a US citizen in a year (possibly a little longer). Will this make things easier in the future for her mother to obtain visas? Would she eventually be able to immigrate? I do not believe that she would want to live here permanently but it would be nice if she could visit without so much paperwork.

Thanks very much for this great serrvice!
Answer -
She would get a 10 year multiple entry toursit visa. Immigration however, will only give her 6 months at a time to stay. Once your wife becomes a citizen she can file for her mother and get her a green card in 12-18 months.


Thanks Robert!
Will the 10 year Mulitple Entry Visa be difficult to qualify for?

She will need to show ties to Russia and an intention to return to Russia after a temporary stay in the U.S. If she gets it, they will give her 6 months at entry and she may apply for a 6 month extension toward the end of her stay. Then she can go back for a few months and then return here.


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