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Good Afternoon,I have two questions:

1) My husband applied for citizenship a few months ago,he has been a permanent US resident for over 5 years, his interview is coming. I am in USA illegaly, but entered as a visitor. If during his interview he is asked what my status is, what should he say and how should he explain the reason for me being out of status?

2) I worked under the table for the last two years, but my husband was making enough money himself to support both of us. Should I inform INS that I worked or not? What kind of evidence can they have to prove that I was working?

Thank you for your help,



Your husband can say you overstayed adn that he is going to apply for you when he gets his citizenship. They usually do not ask. He does not have to offer the information if he is not asked, but he should not lie.

You have to fill out the G-325 form which asked where you worked for the past 5 years. You should tell the truth . Immigration is not going to deport someone who is married to a citizen or someone who will become a citizen soon.



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