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Immigration Issues/naturalization number?


Hi Robert:

My wife and I obtained our citizenship and naturalization certificates etc. several years ago. When we applied for our US passports we also decide to apply for US passports for our 2 sons (who were both young at the time). We obtained passports for ourselves and our sons using the naturalization certificates for myelf and my wife. Our sons did not receive naturalization certificates.

My son (now 20) wants to join the army, but he is being asked for his naturalization number. As far as I know he never received one. Do we need to apply for one for him? I presume he is a US citizen since he has a US passport. Should the passport not  be enough? What is the best way top proceed?

Mike May

Your son became a U.S. citizen by law when you and your wife became citizens. That is why he was able to get a U.S. passport. If you want to get a certificate for him you have to file form N-600, but this is not required and it takes several months to do. The passport is proof of U.S. Citizenship.


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