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I eneterrd the country legally with an f1-visa, during my course of study I was put under academic suspension 10 months ago.I am now married to a us citize.WErecently filed I-130. We have reciced the reciept of notice.How long does it take to process I-130? Should we just wait to hear from them or should i go ahead and file I-485,I-65,I864, AND I-131 together.Will me being out of status hinder the process in anyway. And one more thing I have been working at the same company since i was in under grad which i got approval for and contiued to work there when I started my graduate studies. Will this be a problem as well? I need help becuase i am kinda confused. I also want to know will it be possible for me to travel?

File the paperwork required for permanent residency, which would include the I-485.  It takes several months to a year to receive a decision on your application.  You can travel, however you will need to apply for advanced parole.  Go to your local CIS office for assistance in filling out the appropriate forms.

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