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My step mother filed a relative petition on my behalf. USCIS send her a notice of action stating that because my father's name was added to my birth certificate while I was and adult. And so I will need to supply secondary evidences to prove the relationship. I stated that I can submit: Baptism records, medical records, affidavits, school records and paternity test.

The problem is my father and I don't have a good relationship and so I am sure that he wouldn't submit to the paternity test. Also, I am from the caribbean and base on how things are there it is going to be difficult to get most of the records that they want and even if records are available they might not contains my dad's name. As of now they only thing I have gotten is two affidavits and my high school records. What can I do?

My step mother and father have two children, can I do a DNA test and prove from that, that we have the same father so that I may use this test to substitute  having my dad doing the test? Thank you.  

The problem you face is the filing of an Immediate Relative petition must be by your blood parents that have legal status.  Unless your step mother formerly adopted you, she cannot file an Immediate relative on your behalf.  Either you and your father work things out or you may not reach your goal of immigrating.

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