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Hi Sir,
       I came to US on B-1 visa on March 26th 2007 and my I-94 will expire on June 26 2007 (90 Days). I applied for H1-B but unfortunatley my application may not be picked up in the lottery system (considering the time line).
       So,i am planning on changing my status to F-1 by applying in a near by community college..

       Will my change of status be approved as i have another 50 days (plus another extension) stay in this country?

Your suggestion will be really appreciated.

Just apply for an extension of B-2 from June until October. File this anytime before I-94 expires. This will allow you to stay here until you get a denial or until October 1, whichever is sooner. If you apply for F-1 you can not go to school until change is approved. They generally do not adjudicate changes from B to FR within 6 months.



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