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hi. i am a 17/5 year old boy (turning 18 on 10 july 07) and i recently came back to united states for the second time..(ist time was 2003-2004 my problem is that i want to stay in the states to study and to work and i got my visitor b1 visa in hungary,budapest... my nationality is and my mom and dad are suppose to be getting the legal status along with green card in about 5 or 6 months from now for waiting nearly 8 years since 1999's grandpa's request for us...i currently reside in virginia and my visitor visa expires on octobor and i want to know how i can get a student visa by changing my current visitor class and to get to school for the next and also work and i really cant depend on the green card that is to come because time is really important and i don't want to waste it since i dont have my high school diploma i would like to go to 12 grade high school and get my diploma and to start it this octobor.. ..all helps regarding to my problem will be appreciated..thank you mr. hollander

You can apply to change from B-2 to F-1 using form I-539. The problem is you can not start school until they approve the change of status. You also can not work as a student for the 1st year of school. I would recommend going to thte school you want to attend and obtain an I-20 document from then and apply for I-539.



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