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Immigration Issues/plz help me..for GIOD SAKE


Hi Guys...
I Came In USA   SEP 2003 As EWI  ( Entry Without Inspection) Applied For Political Asylum  OCTOBER 2003 , Interview With Immigration Officer They Send My Case To Immigration Court  I GOT MARRIED  TO USC  IN JANUARY 2006.  I HAD Master Hearing date In Last Year Of   FEBRURAY 2006. They set my INDIVIDUAL HEARING DATE in FEB 2007 .  I Applied For I-130  in  January 2006 ,  its Been Approved, Then I Apply For I-824 Its Been Approved And They Send My Approved Application To NVC (national Visa Center) ,  I  Send I-864 (affidavit Of Support)  AND    DS-230  PART 1 (application For Immigrant Visa And Alien Registration).   I Paid NVC 70.00$ Fee And 380.00$ Fee ,  This  Month FEBURARY  I Have Individual Hearing Date For Removal Proceedings In Immigration Court... Is There Any Way I Can Terminate The Case From The Court .  We have   a  baby boy  of  one month old   from our marrige. SO I am having 2 cases running parallel my ASYLUM  and  NVC. In both the cases I have to leave the country, am gonna go ask the judge for voluntary departure…So if I   take  voluntary  departure   and  by the mean time   NVC   are  going to  send my approved  petition  to   my   countrys consulate  which is  INDIA    and  then I have  to  go to  India     give the  interview and  get the  visa from India   consulate. will they approve my  visa  and if they approve it would they let me back in  again in the USA    because   I entered illegally  .  is there any   kind of  ban   for   3 or   5 years  or so …can they even  deny  I-601  waiver  ….do I have any chances  coming back over here    coz Iam planning to    take  voluntary  departure  so  they  don’t have  to   deport  me  forcefully in  case my  immigration case denied  …..   I work in   usa     3 years  already  I paid    texas  for   3 years  and I have  tax    return for all of the years and    my  wife is on   disability  she didnt  work  for  last many years…iam the only  member of the family  who is  working.  And  I don’t have any kind of    bad  record  other than   I entred illegally.  Can anyone Please Suggest Me What Do I Have To Do I Will Be Greatly Appreciated...thanks..  AND I  ALREADY CONSULY  PRO BONO…CHARITIES  ORGANIZATIONS….  I  TALKED  TO SEVERAL LAWYERS  AND I  HIRED A LWYER  TOO  NOBODY   KNOW THAT MUCH ..SO  PLZ SUUGEST ME plz

Calm down.  Given that you are married to a US Citizen and have a USC child, the court will delay action due to your pending application.  In otherwords, you will be allowed to stay since you have a pending application....PROVIDED you have not been involved in any criminal activity.

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